NCD provides a fast, easy way to implement and maintain a payroll deduction program. By working with the nation’s largest payroll companies, NCD has developed a “charitable contribution” deduction within the payroll system. This allows the collection of donations to be completely integrated into the payroll deduction process. Additionally, NCD provides the ability for direct donations made by credit card to allow for help in times of crisis or national emergencies. Through either method, NCD ensures that human resource and payroll personnel can spend significantly less time on supporting their companies’ workplace giving programs


The basic service that NCD provides is free!!! If your company administers a payroll system that is part of the NCD network, there is no direct cost to employers or employees.*  Because NCD uses web based technology, we are able to provide a superior service at costs significantly lower than industry standards which gets more money to your favorite charities.


Each of us at different times in our lives has been touched by a significant and often life-changing event, whether it is through the prism of illness or disaster in our own lives or those that we love. We are all shaped and impacted by our own personal experiences. Which is why giving is such a uniquely personal decision. NCD provides powerful search capabilities that can research 5,000 premier charitable organizations, both at a national and community level, to ensure that your contributions reflect your personal choices.


In an age of increasingly regulatory compliance, employers and employees need to be ensured that their generosity would not conflict with any of the numerous government mandates that have been recently enacted. These include the USA Patriot Act, Executive Order 13224 on Terrorist Financing, and various IRS Regulations. NCD’s review process provides assurance to corporations and donors that their philanthropic efforts will be fully compliant to all regulatory statutes.

* For organizations outside of the NCD Network a slight service charge may apply. Please contact a representative of your payroll firm or NCD to find out if you qualify.